1. Two New Aston Martins in 2003

    By daniel on 2003-01-04

    Aston Martin will unveil two new cars this month at United States auto shows.

    It has been confirmed that the Los Angeles Auto Show, further details here, will see the unveiling of the ‘Aston Martin DB American Roadster 1’, or the DB AR1. .

    Aston Martin DB American Roadster 1

    Courtesy Aston Martin Owners Club

    The DB AR1 is a lightweight concept roadster aimed specifically at the US market and is based upon the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante. It has been confimred that the DB AR1 is only considered a concept car, and as such will only be produced, in limited numbers, depending on viewers reactions and interest.

    With an estimated price tag of US$230,000, and it’s intended US market, it is unlikely that the DB AR1 will feature in Bond 21 as Aston Martin are keen to use the film to market a lower price ranged car.

    Recent news from Motor Trend that Aston Martin will be relaunching the DB5 line was denied by sources for CommanderBond.Net today.

    Very little is known about the new car, bar to say it’s production title is the Aston Martin 305. Further details won’t be released until later this week.

    With the line known to be direct competition for Porsche 911 it is believed that the new car will have a price tag around the US$100,000 mark.

    While 2003 may seem early to unveil a car that won’t feature in a Bond film that isn’t anticipated until 2005 it should be acknowlged that the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish was first unveiled in the 1990’s and appear briefly in 2001’s Tomb Raider before going on to appear in Die Another Day.

    If you’d like to discuss the new Aston Martins, please visit this thread of the Bond 21 Forums. Thanks to the Aston Martin Owners Club and SeanValen00V for contributing to this article.

    Source: Aston Martin Owners Club