1. Bond 21 Car May Be Called DB5

    By daniel on 2003-01-02

    In 2002, after having announced their involvement with Die Another Day, sources at Aston Martin revealed that the motor company had signed a three picture deal, which would see Aston Martin’s appear in Die Another Day, Bond 21 and Bond 22. With the announcement came the news that Bond 21’s car would be from a lower price range and quite possibly around the $100,000 range.

    In August 2002 pictures reached the Internet of Aston Martin’s latest development, the Aston Martin 305. The pictures showed the 305 in prototype stages, but it was revealed that the car would be aimed as competition for Porsche 911. The prototype did, however, draw heavily upon the DB7 whereas Aston Martin had hired designers to redesign the car more in the vein of the Aston Martin DB5.

    Motor Trend today took a glimpse of what car enthusiasts can expect from the LA and Detriot Auto Shows in 2003. In a list of “world debuts for production vehicles and concept cars” Motor Trends has included an Aston Martin DB5, indicating that the Aston Martin 305 may have been renamed as expected.

    It does have to be acknowledged, however, that Motor Trends line up could mistakingly refer to the Aston Martin DB5 as the car has featured at previous Detroit Auto Show’s.

    The 2003 North American International Auto Show opens to the general public January 11 and closes January 20.

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