1. Official: 2005 Release Date

    By Tim Roth on 2002-12-12

    In an article about the boxoffice success of Die Another Day, Yahoo reports also about the further development of the franchise:

    In recent years, MGM has tried to release a Bond movie about once every two years. But Yemenidjian said that was too fast in this case due to the strong success of “Die Another Day.”

    “We are going to take three years to do the next one, because if this one does $500 million in worldwide box office, the next one should do more,” he told the investors at a UBS Warburg investors’ conference.

    “I think there is a very big risk in rushing these things and screwing up the value of your franchise,” he added.

    In interviews to promote the film last month, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson said they would not even begin working on a new Bond script until early next year.

    The news from the producers of the Bond series and MGM executives confirms previous speculation that another 3 year gap would be sought after the success of Die Another Day.

    Be sure to discuss the news in this thread in CBn’s Bond 21 Forums! And thanks to ‘Alex Zamudio’ for the alert!