1. Brosnan Wants Bond In Australia

    By Tim Roth on 2002-12-10

    He’s an International jet-setter, but the cinematic James Bond has never ventured to Australia and only author Raymond Benson sent him on a mission there. Pierce Brosnan has, however, professed a desire to see a future James Bond film set in Australia.

    Melbourne based newspaper The Age reports:

    Brosnan to Bond in Australia
    Tuesday 10 December 2002, 08:30AM

    The latest Bond flick, to the admission of the screenwriter and director, is more of the same – a sexy man who saves the world, gets the girl and drives the hot cars.

    But the next one, the 21st in the series and Pierce Brosnan’s fifth as the irresistible British spy, could be set against a backdrop of two Australian icons, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

    Brosnan is keen, as is screenwriter Robert Wade’s wife.

    But Wade was not so sure. “I mean it’s wonderful, full of Australians though,” he stumbled.

    “No I mean it’s something about Australians … you’re too nice to have explosions going off around you,” he said as he tried to recover from the gaffe.

    Bond was a little more endearing: “I’m up for it, I’d love it, sure, great town, great place.”

    Despite Brosnan’s and Wade’s comments on Australia, the ‘desire’ is similair to Brosnan’s desire to film Die Another Day in Ireland.

    Pierce Brosnan, Rosamund Pike and Robert Wade have all spent the past few days touring Australia to promote the impending release of Die Another Day to the Australian market.  have published a similair article, here, which includes a picture of Brosnan and Pike.

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