1. "I'd Love Him To Do Another Bond!"

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-16

    In an interview with Reuters at the Opening Event of the new 007 Exhibition in London, producer Barbara Broccoli was talking about her life connected to Bond and the forthcoming James Bond Movies.

    “It is like seeing my whole life,” Broccoli told Reuters at the press launch of the show which was also attended by Christopher Lee (news) and Honor Blackman who fondly recalled their Bond days as Scaramanga and Pussy Galore.

    “I am 42. This really is like walking through my whole life,” said Broccoli of the movies that began in 1962 with “Dr No” and reach number 20 next month with “Die Another Day.”

    Broccoli said: “I started on school vacations working on the set making tea and coffee. The first one I had a full-time job on was Octopussy. Now I am a producer with my brother Michael Wilson.”

    Pierce Brosnan (news) has just starred in his fourth Bond movie and Broccoli would dearly love him to stick with the role which he has said is “like slipping on a comfy pair of old slippers.”

    “I’d love him to do another Bond,” Broccoli said. “People always ask me who the next Bond is. That is like asking a bride walking down the aisle who her next husband is going to be.”

    And from Sean Connery (news) to Roger Moore (news), she refused to be drawn into the old game about who was the definitive Bond.

    “It is like asking someone who is their favorite sibling is. Each one has meant a lot to me growing up and I have been lucky to be friends with them,” she said.

    “In fact last night I was with Roger Moore who was celebrating his 75th birthday,” she added.

    This will end speculation about Brosnan’s successor for a while. At the end, she made a short statement about Bond’s Future:

    Broccoli promises to keep on stirring the Bond movie cocktail for many years to come: “We will keep making them as long as the public wants to see them.”

    But would she still be making Bond movies in another 40 years? She laughed and said: “Let’s hope we are on a beach somewhere having a gin and tonic on my 82nd birthday.”

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