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    Help us celebrate Pierce Brosnan this November.

    By Tony DeCaro on 2012-10-30

    Ten years ago next November, marked the release of Die Another Day, and as it turns out, it was the last film of Pierce Brosnan. We here at wish to celebrate the man who gave us four James Bond films and brought many new fans into the fold.  I’m putting together a retrospective of the man, and his films debuting on this page sometime next month. As a companion piece I would love to put together thoughts from you.

    Here’s what I’m looking for:

    Two paragraphs (to me, a paragraph is about four sentences long) explaining what you like about Brosnan, what you like about his films, what he means to you, and/or a fond memory of his time as Bond. You can write about all of those, or you can write about one of those. It’s up to you.

    Now to get your submissions to me, there are two methods. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

    Or if you’re a member of our forums you can go to this thread.


    Deadline for submissions will be November 9th. However if I feel I don’t have enough, I will extend it.


    Looking forward to hearing from you.