1. Bond 21’s Aston Martin Revealed?

    By daniel on 2002-08-06

    When Aston Martin signed to have the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish in Die Another Day they signed a three-film contract, so you can expect to see an Aston Martin in Bond 21 and Bond 22.

    Well it seems we may have just gotten our first glimpse of Bond 21’s Aston Martin thanks to three Spy photos.

    The above photo is of Aston Martin’s latest car (still in development), currently codenamed AM305. It is the car tipped as being the next Aston Martin DB5.

    The DB5 is a smaller car than any of the cars Aston Martin are currently producing, and in modern terms is best compared to the Porsche Carrera. And that’s the market that this new car will directly take on, it’s Aston Martin’s competition for the Porsche GT3. Any how better to promote the new car than in a James Bond film?

    However, if you’re not to keen on the cars current don’t worry. What you see above is only a prototype known as an “engineering mule”. The actual car will carry the signature Aston Martin horizontal grille opening and side cooling vents not featured on the above model. Furthermore, the final design is expected to draw heavily on the Aston Martin DB4 and DB5, whereas, the above model draws heavily on the DB7.

    Production of the new car awaits construction of a new factory on the grounds of the Land Rover technical center in Gaydon, England. The new factory will be dedicated to producing the new car, which is expected on the market for 2004 or 2005.

    Such a release date just happens to perfectly co-incide with the release of Bond 21.

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