1. GoldenEye to come bundled with golden controller

    By Matt Weston on 2010-08-01

    It was rumoured back when Activision’s GoldenEye was itself a rumour, but online listings now confirm that Nintendo will release a special Classic Controller Pro for the Wii alongside the anticipated James Bond shooter.

    Destructoid reports that GoldenEye will be available bundled with the controller, rumoured to be a special golden edition of the Classic Controller Pro.

    The controller/game bundle will retail in North America for US$69.99. No word yet on whether the bundle will be available outside of North America.

    Gamers will be able to play GoldenEye with either the Wii’s trademark Wiimote/nunchuk setup or with the Classic Controller Pro.

    Meanwhile, a new variation on the trailer for GoldenEye has been released, showcasing a few extra sequences from the game, including what appears to be footage from the revamped Jungle level.

    Be sure to check out our exclusive report on GoldenEye and Blood Stone and keep watching for the latest James Bond gaming news.

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