1. Blood Stone theme now online

    By Kevin Wells on 2010-07-17

    The theme to the upcoming James Bond adventure Blood Stone has found its way online courtesy of IGN and Activision. Titled “I’ll Take It All”, it was written by Joss Stone and by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, and performed by Joss Stone who is pulling double duty as Bond girl Nicole Hunter as well.

    Although not much about the story is known, the game obviously has something to do with diamonds as confirmed in the title credits video above. The video also seems to be clearly inspired by Casino Royale. Daniel Craig’s silhouette is back taking on foes that instead of breaking apart into suits from a deck of cards, explode into diamonds. Locations for the story include Istanbul, Siberia, Bangkok, Athens, and the South of France.

    More information on the game can be gleaned from Activision’s Blood Stone website at