1. Pinewood Studios submits its Project Pinewood appeal

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-04-20

    Pinewood Studios has submitted to the Planning Inspectorate its appeal against the refusal of planning permission for Project Pinewood by South Bucks District Council (SBDC). The planning application for Project Pinewood, an innovative and groundbreaking proposal to create a purpose-built living and working community for film, television and the creative industries, was submitted to SBDC in June 2009. The proposal was refused at planning committee in October 2009.

    Pinewood and its advisors have continued to discuss issues relating to the planning application and appeal with key stakeholders since determination of the planning application. This is part of an ongoing programme of consultation which will continue over the coming months. The Planning Inspectorate will now determine the appropriate means of progressing the case and Pinewood will continue to work closely with
    stakeholders throughout this process.

    Project Pinewood will build on Pinewood’s success and reputation and enable it to remain at the forefront of international film and television production. The project will comprise a purpose-built living and working community for film, television and the creative industries. Located next to and linked with Pinewood, it will also provide a hub for the growth of the UK’s international status as a centre for creative excellence. It is estimated that Project Pinewood will create approximately 960 permanent jobs and generate over £60 million per annum of Gross Value Added to the UK economy. A significant proportion of the employment generated by Project Pinewood would be available to residents of the region.

    A key element of Project Pinewood is its emphasis on developing skills in the creative industries. Building on the recent launch of Pinewood’s new apprenticeship scheme, a purpose-built Screen Crafts Academy will provide opportunities and facilities for vocational education, training and employment.

    Speaking about the appeal submission, Andrew M. Smith, Group Director Corporate Affairs for Pinewood commented: “Project Pinewood is just as important as ever to the UK. Locally, unemployment in South Bucks rose by approximately 57% in 2009. It is also essential for the UK’s creative industries. Recent estimates have shown that the creative industries account for 6.2% of Gross Value Added in the UK, underlining the importance of the sector to the UK economy.”

    “This proposal has received widespread support from sections of the local community as well as a broad range of business leaders and industry commentators. This is a project of national and regional significance and the economic benefits will be considerable.”

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