1. Project Pinewood comes to a halt

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-10-21

    Plans for a 100-acre, £200 million expansion of Pinewood Studios—the home of James Bond—have come to a halt.

    The plans were unanimously rejected by the South Bucks District Council (SBDC) planners after a mass demonstration this afternoon, according to the Bucks Free Press.

    More than 100 protesters from the ‘Stop Project Pinewood’ group were at the South Bucks District Council building as the planning committee discussed the proposal to build new film sets along with 1,400 homes on Green Belt land in Iver Heath.

    New features would have included permanent film lots—such as a row of New York brownstone apartments, a Parisian square and a Venice canal, reducing the amount of international travel filmmakers would have had to make in order to film at such locations. Pinewood was also planning to incorporate up to 1,400 new flats, which was forecasted to generate as many as 1,600 new jobs.

    It has further been reported that Birmingham is being considered as a possible alternative for the controversial expansion.

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