1. Short Tail on an Aston

    By Helmut Schierer on 2015-04-30

    So, to entertain the masses of fans during the shooting of SPECTRE, the good people at Eon house – in their incarnation – have taken to pick up the valued and ages-old tradition of the video blog again. ‘Ages-old’ as in ‘since SKYFALL’. Valued as in ‘kicks serious hindquarters’.

    Bowdlerised service for the extremely spoiler-averse: the footage shown consists of material from a car chase between two luxury brand models on the streets of a European capital. It may be also possible to imply – without disclosing too much – that the events appear to happen during a phase of reduced daylight. A member of the cast is making a comment, amounting to a sum total of about four-and-a-half sentences in what might be called ‘Bentley-tradition’. Members of the crew make a number of shortish remarks. And the rest is…pure joy.  


    But judge for yourself:





  2. The SPECTRE Teaser Trailer is Here!

    By Heiko Baumann on 2015-03-27

    The wait is over – for now. Without further ado, here’s the first SPECTRE teaser trailer:

    International trailers in various languages can be found on the James Bond 007 Youtube page.


    By Stefan Rogall on 2015-03-25

    It´s official – the first scenes of the next James Bond film will be revealed in a teaser on either Friday 27th or Saturday 28th, depending on your time zone.

    Check out the countdown on

    1123220 - Skyfall

  4. Shooting “SPECTRE” – Clapperboard #6

    By Heiko Baumann on 2015-03-21

    This time: The clapperboard of SPECTRE’s very first scene, taking place at the “Day of the Dead” in Mexico City:

    SPECTRE clapperboard #6

  5. SPECTRE filming moves to Mexico

    By Kenny Stewart on 2015-03-19

    Filming of the opening sequence of SPECTRE is due to get under way in Mexico City. Crowds of extras will be involved in the scenes around Zocalo and Plaza Manuel Tolsa in the historic city centre. Filming is expected to last for around two weeks.

    Producer Michael G. Wilson and Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman, who plays Estrella, held a press conference in Mexico City on Wednesday.

    Photo from the official 007 Twitter account:

    Filming of a major car chase in Rome ended in Via Nomentana earlier this week.

  6. And it is…

    By Helmut Schierer on 2015-03-17



    …here. Where else?


    The first teaser poster to have had its own teaser poster, brilliant.


    Kneel down in awe and enjoy…



    SPECTRE teaser 1



    Discuss your impressions, revelations, moving personal experiences with this teaser poster in this thread.

  7. SPECTRE Teaser Poster coming soon

    By Kenny Stewart on 2015-03-16

    It’s been confirmed in a short announcement on and the official social media accounts that the teaser poster for SPECTRE will be released at some point on Tuesday 17th March. Watch this space.

  8. Shooting “SPECTRE” – Clapperboard #5

    By Kenny Stewart on 2015-03-12

    Another familiar face looks set to return in SPECTRE… Not just James Bond 007, but James Bond the ornithologist whose name inspired Ian Fleming’s creation. The latest clapperboard from filming at Pinewood shows the original Bond’s book “Birds of the West Indies” perched on the side. The book also featured in passing in DIE ANOTHER DAY.

  9. Stephanie Sigman joins SPECTRE cast

    By Kenny Stewart on 2015-03-10

    Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman has joined the cast of SPECTRE in the role of Estrella.

    It’s thought Sigman will be involved in scenes due to be filmed in Mexico City later in March.

    She’s best known for her appearances in TV series The Bridge, and the Oscar-nominated movie Miss Bala.


  10. Director Sam Mendes on SPECTRE

    By Kenny Stewart on 2015-02-26

    The latest behind-the-scenes footage from SPECTRE focuses on director Sam Mendes. It also features Daniel Craig as James Bond, Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q.