1. Short Tail on an Aston

    By Helmut Schierer on 2015-04-30

    So, to entertain the masses of fans during the shooting of SPECTRE, the good people at Eon house – in their incarnation – have taken to pick up the valued and ages-old tradition of the video blog again. ‘Ages-old’ as in ‘since SKYFALL’. Valued as in ‘kicks serious hindquarters’.

    Bowdlerised service for the extremely spoiler-averse: the footage shown consists of material from a car chase between two luxury brand models on the streets of a European capital. It may be also possible to imply – without disclosing too much – that the events appear to happen during a phase of reduced daylight. A member of the cast is making a comment, amounting to a sum total of about four-and-a-half sentences in what might be called ‘Bentley-tradition’. Members of the crew make a number of shortish remarks. And the rest is…pure joy. ¬†


    But judge for yourself: