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  1. Mendes apparently back in the picture for Bond 24

    The will he/won’t he drama seems to continue. While Mendes did initially turn down directing duties for the 24th James Bond film due to his commitments to the theater.  I reported back in March that EON were still interested in signing him up. Well it seems that they were able to work with his schedule and get him onboard.

    While I haven’t minded a new director for each film, it did make each new film unique. Getting Mendes back will lead to a whole new set of expectations for the next film.

    If Mendes does return, this will mar the first time in nearly 25 years that someone has directed two Bond films in a row.


    Read the full story at Deadline Hollywood.

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    Tony DeCaro @ 2013-05-28
  2. Barbara Broccoli still wants Mendes back.

    “We will get him back,” [Bond Producer Barbara Broccoli] says. “We haven’t given up hope… Maybe not for the next one… but we will get him back again.”

    Rest the full story at

    While it’s pretty apparent by now that Mendes isn’t coming back for Bond 24, it seems pretty likely he’ll be directing a Bond film in the near future, probably Craig’s final one, which actually would be pretty neat.

    Tony DeCaro @ 2013-03-25
  3. Could Guy Ritchie direct the next film?

    “Bookmaker William Hill has named Guy Ritchie as the favourite to direct the next Bond film, following the news that ‘Skyfall’ helmsman Sam Mendes has ruled himself out.

    The director of ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and the recent ‘Sherlock Holmes’ films is being given odds of 4-1.”

    Read the full story here.


    While I must admit I’m not too familiar with Ritchie’s work. I have seen Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and thought they were both really good films. So I’d be on board with this if it were true.


    Tony DeCaro @ 2013-03-09
  4. CBn

    A look back at the Oscars “tribute” to 007



    Last week at the Oscars they put together a small celebration of James Bond. Seeing as last year marked fifty years of 007, this seemed appropriate. Rumors quickly spread that every Bond actor would show up onstage together, now while this was a nice thought. I never really expected it to happen. What I didn’t expect however, is what we ended up with.

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    Tony DeCaro @ 2013-03-02
  5. Happy New Years from

    I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Years, and hope that those of you that did party last night did it safe and responsibly.

    Tony DeCaro @ 2013-01-01
  6. Pierce Brosnan-The fans speak: Part 2

    About a month ago I asked for readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on Pierce Brosnan, in order to celebrate the man on the tenth anniversary of his final film. First I cobbled together the thoughts from our forum members, now here’s all the people who e-mailed me in their thoughts as well:



    I remember back when I when I was 13 years old with family visiting my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin down in Richmond, TX around winter holidays of 1997 and went to go to see Mouse Hunt in the theater. On the poster display, I saw the Tomorrow Never Dies poster and seeing Pierce and holding the gun in a certain fashion just drew my attention and wanted to see it bad. So around February 1998, TND still in theaters, I got my dad to take me and my brother in Dallas to see my first Bond movie, TND, and it was such an incredible experience. Immediately after I was hooked on it.  What I loved about Pierce Brosnan is style, the way he carries himself, his body language and way he spoke his dialog throughout the movies he did and for some reason the way he would run just seemed for awesome to me esp the action sequence in Hamburg Break Out half through the movie. I saw TND at least half a dozen times or more in theaters as well as the rest he did after TND. Pierce Brosnan was truly the best Bond because he had his own distinct style and take on the role and it’s a character I try to replicate day to day in the sense of his style and body language and spoken dialog style. After seeing TND I heard he did Goldeneye previously and watched that so many times I lost track and showed it to friends of mine. What I loved about the movies to is they always are released around my birthday on November 18 and gives me a chance to really enjoy those movies. But I love how each Bond movie Pierce did he had a slightly different approach on it but still stayed true to his sophistication. To this day I still am a huge fan of him and will be for very long down the road. I think he is a great role model to in a sense of his sophistication he brings and that I try to imitate on day to day life.

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    Tony DeCaro @ 2012-12-25
  7. Pierce Brosnan – The fans speak.

    About a month ago I published an article on this site praising Pierce Brosnan, and detailing my thoughts and feelings about his films. I then asked you the readers to share your thoughts, the intention being that I’d release an article gathering those thoughts. Well, real life got in the way, my quarter was winding down and I had tests to be thinking about. Now with that out of the way (I passed my classes, btw), I can bring you the article (better late than never ;)).

    I posed this question, first, in the forums, and then on the main page itself. So first off, let’s hear from the forum members:


    As much as I think Roger is my favourite and Connery was the best, for me, Pierce Brosnan, will always be MY Bond. However cringe worthy the dialogue, or how unrealistic the action was, Brosnan will always hold a very special place in my heart. The Brosnan era was my childhood. He was the Bond I grew up with, and no matter how many people bash the guy, and accuse him of being the worst Bond of them all, I will defend him because, as strange as it sounds, I love the guy.

    Of course his era was plagued with problems. Acting, Scriptwriting, and at some times, total stupidity. The thing is though, no matter how bad that is, and how much I realise now that is NOT what makes a good film, at the time, I loved it. As a small child, seeing this brilliant hero, reinvented for the 90’s was just a total joy. ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ might have been my first Bond film, but Brosnan was my first true Bond. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

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    Tony DeCaro @ 2012-12-16
  8. An update for those who sent in submissions for the Pierce Brosnan article.

    About a month or so ago I asked for you readers to send in your thoughts on Brosnan. My intention was (still is) to put them together in an article and publish it here. Originally it was meant to be a companion piece to my article on Pierce Brosnan, I was going to publish it a week later.

    As it turned out, school got in the way. With the quarter ending soon my full attention has been towards my finals.

    My last day of school is December 13th, so plan on seeing the article up that weekend, cause I sure am.

    Tony DeCaro @ 2012-11-30
  9. Mendes co-created the idea for Bond 24, says Skyfall scribe Robert Wade.

    Bleeding Cool reports that Skyfall director Sam Mendes has (along with John Logan) come up with the plot of the next Bond film. According to writer Robert Wade:

    We’re very happy to have done five Bond movies, I think we’ve gotten it to a good place. I know that John Logan and Sam Mendes have come up with a plot for another one, which takes the pressure off because these films take up a lot of time.


    Now of course this is no indication that Mendes is returning to direct the next film. But I agree with the author of the Bleeding Cool article, would Mendes really cook up an idea for another director? Exciting developments indeed.


    Read the full article here.

    Tony DeCaro @ 2012-11-20
  10. Here’s to Pierce Brosnan

    With everyone celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Bond, it’s worth pointing out that this month marks another kind of anniversary: the tenth anniversary of Pierce Brosnan’s last Bond film. It’s weird in a way, to even fathom that it’s been ten years since Die Another Day was released into cinemas. I can still remember seeing it in theaters, the reactions I had to it, the reactions audience members had. I can remember dragging my dad along to my third viewing, that look he gave me during the now infamous iceberg sequence. No doubt far removed from the Bond films he grew up with.

    When I first realized Die Another Day was going to be ten years old, I started planning on how to honor that film. But then I got to thinking. In the wake of Craig’s darker, grittier Bond, opinion has changed, that’s not to say people hate Brosnan now, but I think he’s not given enough credit anymore. So think of this as something of a retrospective of his era, from my perspective, and of course, my opinion of him and his films (spoiler alert, it’s a positive one).

    continue reading…

    Tony DeCaro @ 2012-11-17