1. Exclusive: Pictures From Filming In Cádiz

    By daniel on 2002-04-07

    Thanks to 'Jaime Bond' we're back with these two exclusive pictures of filming of Die Another Day in Cádiz. While the images detail no specific spoilers (unless you put a lot of thought into it) the description of them do, so you'll have to highlight to read.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    This first image shows filming taking place in Cádiz. The featured helicopter will reportedly be piloted by Rick Yune’s character ‘Zao’ in Die Another Day. At this stage, understandably, it is piloted by a stunt professional.

    I should comment that the image has been digitally edited by myself to improve clarity. Due to poor weather conditions in Cádiz at the moment the picture was originally quite ‘dull’.

    This second image shows the Sunseeker Superhawk 48 arriving in Cádiz. It was transported by lorry from the United Kingdom. ‘Rob’ was nice enough to send in this link that gives details on the Sunseeker. A very similair version of the Sunseeker appeared in the last James Bond cinematic adventure, “The World Is Not Enough”. There is no word yet on how the Sunseeker will feature in Die Another Day or why the producers have decided to use a very similair vehicle to one they did in the last feature.

    That's all for now, however, we will be back with more images! So a big big thanks to 'Jaime Bond' for sending those in to us!


    Cádiz newspaper Diario De Cadiz has published this photo of the filming taking place in Cádiz.

    Thanks to White Knight for sending that image in!