1. Connery Leads Tartan Parade in NYC

    By daniel on 2002-04-07

    From Yahoo News:

    Tartan Parade Brings Up to 10,000 Bagpipers to NY
    Sun Apr 7, 4:30 AM ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – As many as 10,000 bagpipers and drummers made a racket as they piped and pounded their way through midtown Manhattan to celebrate Scottish Tartan Day on Saturday.

    The "Tunes of Glory" parade was believed to comprise one of the biggest pipe bands ever assembled. The march was led by Scots acting star Sean Connery and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    Connery, waiting at the start of the march, laughed as crowds yelled for him to show his kilt and "pull it up!"

    "The band will start and away we'll go," he said.

    "He's a great guy," Bloomberg told Reuters after greeting Connery. "We're all a little bit Scottish today."

    Tartan Day commemorates April 6, 1320, when the Scottish Parliament sent a letter to the Pope declaring Scotland's independence.

    Thanks to 'Mourning Becomes Electra' for the tip-off.