1. Rumour control: Rachel Weisz under consideration for Bond 23?

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-03-29

    Although the never-ending sale of MGM seems to have put a damper on Bond 23 for the time-being, we do have one brand new rumour to report on…

    Rachel Weisz for 'Bond 23'?

    Rachel Weisz for Bond 23?

    An unnamed, but ‘reliable, proven source’ at Cinema Blend has broken the news that Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz may be under consideration for a major role in the 23rd James Bond film—as the villain.

    The source states that Weisz would play the head of Quantum, the villainous organization featured in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace which includes Mr. White and the deceased Dominic Greene as its members.

    It’s incredibly tricky to pinpoint just exactly how likely this rumour is of turning out true. Understandably, Cinema Blend cautions readers with the following note:

    What we can tell you in this case is that our information comes from a reliable, proven source who’s broken numerous, since confirmed stories to us over a period of several years. For instance, it was this same source that was the first anywhere to break the news that Black Widow would be in Iron Man 2. But as with all rumors, even when they’re from a proven source like this one, it’s just rumor until it can be confirmed by a second, independent source. In fact this particular source affirmed that in our communication, reiterating that it’s still very early in the process and that because of this, “things can change in a heartbeat and they might even try to deny what I told you but that’s what’s the brainstorming going on now.” Now you know what we know.

    Weisz is presently filming the thriller Dream House along with Daniel Craig. Her past notable films include The Lovely Bones, The Constant Gardener, Runaway Jury and The Mummy.

    As always, will keep you updated with all the latest news circling Bond 23.

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