1. Halle Berry's Salary For Die Another Day

    By daniel on 2002-04-06

    The latest issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (April 12, 2002), which is out today, has a report on Halle Berry and her win at this years Academy Awards. As a part of the report they've revealed details on Halle's salary for Die Another Day.

    Halle Berry's groundbreaking win, however is another story. MONSTER'S BALL saw a 32 percent box office bump in its post-Oscar weekend (the low budget indie has grossed $23 million) and Berry, 33, may be headed for a similar pay raise. Sources say she snagged a career-high $4 million dollars for the upcoming James Bond film DIE ANOTHER DAY. And one studio production head said she could command $6 million to $8 million for the right vehicle.

    Thanks to 'Beamer' for the tip-off about the news!