1. Details Of Stunt Filmed In Cádiz

    By David Winter on 2002-04-06

    The online website Diario De Cadiz Digital has reported details on a scene filmed today in Cádiz involving Pierce Brosnan, Rick Yune and Halle Berry. However, the scene does involve spoilers so you'll have to highlight the report to read it.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    A scene was recorded yesterday in the Castle of San Sebastián in which Bond (Pierce Brosnan) shoots at a helicopter in which Zao, Colonel Moon’s Henchman (Rick Yune) is piloting. In the action scene, the Helicopter (piloted by specialists) is forced to make a dangerous maneuver.
    It is also reported that it was necessary to carry out many controlled explosions to several parts of the scenery that had been constructed in the North part of the outpost of the Castle.
    Apparently, Jinx (Halle Berry) with pink and white printed dress, took part in the scenes, hiding before the skirmish of firings and the explosions. The Website has also published a relatively small image of that scene

    Also on the matter of Halle Berry, She checked into a hospital in the middle of Cadiz, called ‘The Health Clinic’, as she complained about a pain in her eye. During the half an hour she was in the hospital, she was examined by Dr. Fernandez Repeto, fortunately, it was nothing serious just a little inflammation in the eye. She is to return to shooting today.

    To discuss this topic visit thread in the Die Another Day Forums. And thanks to ‘Jaime Bond’ for the heads up, and to Shea Bennett aka "Trevelyan" who set up this report.