1. More About That Whitney Houston News

    By David Winter on 2001-03-25

    We’re back with more info on the rumour that Whitney Houston may be lining up for a role in Bond 20 which we posted on the 21st of March (you can find that news report here). Well the French Club James Bond 007, who are a very reputable source, have spoken with EON Productions and found out this:

    Amanda Lundberg, a spokesperson for MGM, has confirmed that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson will be talking with the singer in the near future, although Ms Lundberg describes the talks as “general in nature.”

    Nancy Seltzer, the agent of Whitney Houston also confirmed this meeting.

    Club James Bond 007 have also posted this:

    This meeting is in fact a request of the MGM which would wish to make turn the singer in twentieth film of the series.

    which seems to indicate that Houston may not be up for a role but rather for singing the title song.

    Other sites such as 007Forever have been quick to jump at this saying that “The notion of Whitney Houston as a Bond Woman is being floated around by her “people”, who are desperate for any positive spin or publicity.”.

    They’ve also mentioned that her rumoured drug problems, back stage antics and drama queen ploys are not needed on a movie set [At this time I’d like to say to Houston fans that I’m not saying this, I’m just reporting that another site has said it!] “where most people are family and have known each other for years.”

    That aside it’s unknown as to the role of Houston in Bond 20. It’s most likely that she’s being lined up for the title song seeing she is a singer, though this normally happens about 9 months before the release of the movie. Does the extra time mean she is being considered for something more? Maybe. Maybe not.

    A discussion (that is somtimes a little fiery) has started at this thread in the Bond 20 Forums and it would be great to see you there! So please come and voice your opinion.