1. Speculation about Jinx

    By David Winter on 2002-04-05

    The whole article contains spoilers, so you have to highlight it to read it.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Will we ever get to know if Jinx is a good or a bad girl?

    Let’s summarize what we know so far. First, Mrs Berry told her fans on her website back in December, that she is going to play Jinx. Variety reported, she will star alongside Pierce Brosnan as femme fatale, and having been asked in ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Berry answered “I will be the next Bond girl, a bad Bond girl.” In an interview with Reuters she confirmed, “She is probably not the typical villainess but she handles knives and things like that”.

    The first Press Conference came and Berry said she would not know about her role, Neil Purvis and Robert Wade would still be working on Jinx.

    Three months later we hear that a love scene between Brosnan and Berry is due to be shot in Iceland, and some insiders claim that Bond has to save Jinx from the sinking ice palace.

    Everything was confusing. First we heard that both Berry and Pike will have bad characters, than we heard that both will be good girls.

    Now Hello Magazine has published an article about Halle Berry: …”The actress, who plays a baddie, also said that she had yet to come to terms with what it meant to win Hollywood’s most prestigious acting gong.”

    Also, forum user Xenobia tells us about the last night’s edition of “Entertainment Tonight”: “The one thing to note is that ET identified Jinx as Bond’s adversary”.

    Any ideas about her role? Feel free and add your coments to this thread which was started by Xenobia.