1. An Alternate Cover For 'The Man With The Red Tattoo'

    By daniel on 2002-04-05

    April Fools Day always sees a dozen or so James Bond related rumours fly around the Internet. We at of course published our own about a Remington Steele movie. However, another prank was played in the Raymond Benson Forums.

    A user, ‘JayKay’, posted the image below saying it was the original proof cover of the UK Edition of Raymond Benson’s novel The Man With The Red Tattoo:

    However, the image isn’t the work of anyone officially associated with the novel. Rather it’s the work of resident artist Evan Willnow, who is a staff member and a professional production artist.

    Fans responded with approval to the supposed cover with users commenting: “I’m freaking out here!… More details… please!!!” and “WOW!! That looks fantastic.”

    If you'd like to contact Evan about the cover please e-mail him through [email protected] or leave a message for him in here on the Forums.

    As a side note, Evan has pointed out the possibility of a version of the full cover that users will be able to download and print and wrap around their edition of The Man With The Red Tattoo. We’ll keep you informed as to how that pans out!