1. 'The World Is Not Enough' For Playstation 2 Cancelled

    By David Winter on 2001-04-29

    From PSXextreme:

    Even though TWINE was cancelled, EA has introduced a bond game that will make you forget about every other 007 title out there. This new action packed game will be titled James Bond 007 in… Agent Under Fire. Agent Under Fire (AUF) is an independent videogame that has no movie translation to follow, so the developers will now be able to make this game as long as possible. The game engine will still run off of the Quake III PC engine, and will feature some of the prettiest FPS visuals to be found in any game. Not only will AUF be a first person shooter, but racing elements have been implemented into the game as well, so it’s almost like your getting TWINE and 007 Racing in a completely revamped package, neat huh? For now I will provide you fellas and gals with a feature list of James Bond 007 in… Agent Under Fire:

    • Single Player mode will take you through many different stages, as you oppose dozens of different enemies.
    • Absolutely gorgeous visuals, this is FPS action at its best.
    • Various pathways to completing the levels.
    • Actual Bond gadgets and some nifty never before seen ones, such as the Q-Claw.
    • Secret levels and cars.
    • Actual voiceovers to accompany the game’s gameplay and dialogue, that is excluding Q.
    • Strategy (sorry always wanted to say that)… strategy will be involved, and so will stealth.
    • The audio department should reach the caliber of Medal of Honor status.
    • And finally, what you all want to hear… yes! Yes, Agent Under Fire will be a four-player game.
    • Currently the game is scheduled for a December 2001 release date, we sure hope it makes it.

    You’ll be able to find some screenshots here.