1. News From The Cádiz Press Conference

    By daniel on 2002-04-04

    'Jaime Bond' attended the press conference at the Congress Palace of Cádiz in Cádiz and thanks to him we have the inside word on what went on! For reference, Cádiz will appear as Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Cuba in Die Another Day.

    In attendance at the press conference were four stars from the film; Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Rick Yune and Emilio Echevarría. Also in present was Michael G Wilson, the head of the publicity department from the Spanish division of Fox and a translator. Director Lee Tamahori didn't attend the conference as he was out on location with other crew from the film preparing for filming.

    While few details were revealed about Die Another Day that haven't already been reported Halle Berry did comment that her character may take a swim in one of the beaches. Her comment was followed up by a comment from Pierce Brosnan that this scene Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) will be where ‘love’ comes to Jinx and Bond. While details are naturally sketchy, it seems that Pierce has suggested that Jinx and Bond first meet in Cuba.

    Rick Yune also commented on his character Zao, saying that his character had a double personality. He explained as a result the audience will never be quite sure about the character.

    Producer Michael G Wilson revealed that filming in Cádiz will last till the 14th or 15th of April, with filming at the Castle of San Sebastian commencing today (April 4).

    There was a question time of thirty five minutes and with the press in attendance you can be sure that details will slowly make their way to the internet over the coming days.

    Thanks to 'Jaime Bond' for sending in all the details!