1. What You'll Find At The Penguin 007-Mini Site

    By daniel on 2002-04-03

    The Penguin 007 Mini-Site is our featured website at the moment so it only seems appropriate that we take a look at the content it is offering now that the site is online.

    To begin with, there is the all important information on the James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming. You'll find all the information on the novels and the relevant links on the main page. As well as a little dossier on James Bond. Lucky fellow has blue eyes (I knew we had something in common!).

    There's also a short biography on author Ian Fleming. There's also an interview with actor Rufus Sewell who was hired as the 'voice' for the audiobook versions of the Fleming novels. You may note that in the first question it mentions that Rufus recorded thirteen of the audiobooks, however, there are fourteen available. This is no mistake. The Spy Who Loved Me was actually recorded by actress Samantha Bond who plays Miss Moneypenny in the current Bond films. Those who know the history behind Fleming’s The Spy Who Loved Me will know that the story follows the main female character rather than James Bond, and having the novel recorded by Samantha was indeed clever!

    If you're looking for kicks you can send Bond related e-cards and also participate in an online quiz and find out which James Bond villain you're most like! Moreover, there's an online competition to win a set of the new Bond novels.

    And when you're finished you can check out the links to other James Bond websites. In the link section you'll find a link to! Just goes to show that the staff at Penguin have taste!