1. James Bond: Licence To Quote: The Quotable Double-0 Seven

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-03-01

    A brand new book for the James Bond fan is on store shelves this month in the US.

    Available now is James Bond: Licence To Quote: The Quotable Double-0 Seven, compiled and edited by Colin M. Jarman, containing more than 1,500 quotes about the world’s most famous British spy.

    Published in paperback by Blue Eyed Books, James Bond: Licence To Quote: The Quotable Double-0 Seven retails for $13.99. The publisher’s blurb follows below:

    James Bond: Licence To Quote: The Quotable Double-0 Seven

    1500 Humorous Quotes about the world’s favorite spy … Licence To Quote is the first quotations book solely dedicated to the ever-expanding universe that surrounds James Bond.

    This book of humorous quotes is all about the lighter side of Double-0 Seven—his books, his movies, his life, world, & his cultural footprint. Licence To Quote turns the tables on the world’s favorite secret agent and turns the spotlight on him. A Who’s Who of observers and commentators—from all over the globe—take dead aim at James Bond: man and myth. Comical contributions come from his creators, his critics, his biographers, his imitators, his fans and from selected media sources including film, TV, fansites, etc. The depth and diversity of subject matter in this book clearly demonstrates the incredible level of recognition and the extraordinary fan-base Bond has built up since he first appeared in 1953. For well over fifty years, 007 has been at the summit of the best-seller’s list, on top of the cinema box-office and still remains at the forefront of the world’s consciousness. His iconic image and cultural accessories are legendary and Licence To Quote celebrates that legend.

    “James Bond was a suave intellectual who could slice through life’s difficulties with the ruthless efficiency of Oddjob’s hat.” WILLIAM GRIMES in The New York Times (1991) … “I wish he’d get back to the days when Bond head-butted Curt J├╝rgens in the face, blew up Donald Pleasence’s volcano and went to bed with Barbara Bach.” JEREMY CLARKSON in The Sunday Times (2009) … “Everyone in Bond is named after somebody Ian Fleming knew. Pussy Galore was probably his cleaning lady.” SINCLAIR MACKAY, The Man with the Golden Touch (2008) … for more details go to

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