1. Pierce Brosnan's Secret Project Revealed

    By daniel on 2002-04-01

    For weeks the real whereabouts of Pierce Brosnan has been a heavily speculated issue. It now seems that Pierce Brosnan has been working on a side project apart from the filming of Die Another Day. It was assumed that this side project was Brosnan's movie "Evelyn" to be released under the banner of his production company, Irish Dreamtime.

    'The Irish Tribute' has revealed that Brosnan has been busy filming the Remington Steele reunion movie. The TV special, tentatively called "Steele Together After All These Years," will bring Brosnan back together with his former co-star Stephanie Zimbalist. It is not known at press time if Doris Roberts, now of "Everybody Loves Raymond" on America's CBS Network, who then played Mildred Krebs, the secretary, will also be in this production.

    Some people on the forums have chosen to speculate on the nature, indeed the veracity, of Pierce Brosnan's injury. While Brosnan was indeed injured, and did in fact have surgery while in Los Angeles, his injury was not the sole reason for his return to the United States. He also returned to the area to secure Ms. Zimbalist's involvement in the movie. After some persuasion on Brosnan's part, Ms, Zimbalist was convinced, and the two have been filming "Steele Together" in and around Pinewood Studios since the beginning of March.

    It is hoped that the movie will wrap up by Mid-April, for a lightening fast post-production that will see the reunion airing this May, as part of NBC's 75th anniversary celebration.

    For those who may have missed Brosnan's first big career break, Remington Steele was the story of a female private dectective Laura Holt, (played by Miss Zimbalist), who creates a masculine, albeit him non-existant, male superior, Remington Steele. A jewel thief, played by Pierce Brosnan arrives on the scene, and upon discovering Miss Holt's deception creates one of his own: he becomes Remington Steele. In successive seasons, Steele and Holt solved several mysteries together while actually never quite getting together themselves. A retracted cancelation of the series cost Pierce Brosnan the role of James Bond in 1986, but all seems forgiven now.

    A plot synopsis of the coming feature has been revealed, however, it is technically a spoiler so you'll have to highlight to read. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) The plot of “Steele Together After all These Years” revolves around three central themes from the original Remington Steele series that aired on NBC from 1982 until 1987. Mr. Steele and Miss Holt (or is that Mrs. Holt Steele?) will be investigating the disappearance of a collection of rare royal blue lavalite, a disappearance arranged by their arch-nemisis Major Descoines. And lest the investigation prove too simple, the dashing dectectives will also be fending off a reporter hell bent on revealing Mr. Steele’s true indentity.

    The film will not finish with any reference to a future film. However, the beginning of the credits will read Happy April Fools. So from all at, we hope you enjoy your April Fools Day. Got you! We thought today we may be able to have a less serious site, we hope it worked!