1. 'DAD' Footage Airs On UK TV

    By daniel on 2002-03-31

    Footage from Die Another Day has aired on television in the United Kingdom. The ten minute segment aired “SM:TV Live” at 1100 GMT, SM:TV is a childrens Saturday morning television program that airs between 0925 and 1130.

    The footage kicked off with a montage of footage from previous films and then headed onto Die Another Day, with a reporter on one of the stages at Pinewood Studio's where an interior set of The Eden Project is being constructed. This set will reportedly feature over the Diamond Mine belonging to Gustav Graves according to SM:TV. Other details were revealed about Gustav Graves' lair. For one, the inside of the 'Hot House' was shown, CommanderBond.Net exclusively revealed the purpose of the Hot House recently. Also it was revealed that part of the construction of the interior of a bio-dome includes a pit where a waterfall will feature.

    The footage continued showing Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, gun in hand, in his office, this footage recently made its way to the Internet.

    Interviews with Lee Tamahori and Michael G Wilson were then shown, and I'm told the footage was absolutely fascinating as it included details on how stunts in Die Another Day were coreographed.

    This was followed by a feature on the surfing sequence shot in Hawaii, this included details on the storyboards as well as interviews with the three surfers Laird Hamilton, Darrick Doerner and Dave Kalama. While footage form the surfing sequence has already made its way online, this footage was longer.

    SM:TV have promised more footage in the coming weeks, apparently this footage was the first in a ten part look into Die Another Day. It's not clear as to exactly when the next lot of footage will air, some people have interpreted it as weekly while others have told me "sometime between now and November". Either way, you can be sure that you'll read about it on CommanderBond.Net!

    Finally, a big big thank you to everyone who sent in the news to me; Tim G, Tony P, Mark W and Stuart!