1. Spy Report: Some Big Happenings At Pinewood Studios

    By daniel on 2002-03-26

    Our regular insider Vanquish has just checked in today with some big details of the happenings down at Pinewood Studios. Plot details are revealed so you’ll have to highlight the text to read it.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    So many details and no clue of where to start!

    Well lets begin at the beginning of Die Another Day. With his cover blown James Bond jumps from a helicopter onto a hovercraft below in order to avoid getting killed. It was the filming of this scene that supposedly caused Pierce Brosnan’s recent knee injury.

    Filming of this scene is currently being completed against a green screen on one of the numerous Pinewood stages. The green screen, similair to a blue screen, will be used to superimpose a background, in this case probably the sky. After his injury filming the original stunt, film crew could be looking to refilm the stunt a safer way.

    On the same stage as the helicopter the nose cone of an aircraft has been constructed. Elsewhere the body of the aircraft has been constructed and ‘trashed’, giving the impression that it may have crashed. The aircraft is described as large, like a 737 perhaps.

    The idea shouldn’t be knew to CommanderBond.Net forum users. In February this picture was posted in the Die Another Day forums, showing on of the numeous Pinewood Stages and the sets which had been built on it;

    Notice that, running from the left of the image to the centre, is a cylindrical set that has windows suspiciously similar to an aircraft? Could this be the same aircraft that will be a part of the pre-title sequence? It certainly displays all the characteristics of an aircrafts cabin.

    Now it’s time to move away from the pre-title sequence. You may remember recently I posed the question to visitors as to what the ‘Hot House’ was in Die Another Day? The existence of such a set was revealed by the official James Bond site in an update on the production in Iceland.

    You’ll note that the Hot House is labelled as a miniature. This indicates that the wide shot of the Hot House will actually be a scaled model, however, we will more than likely see scenes in the building.

    And Vanquish tells us we will. More then that, they’ll be action scenes.

    The set, which has been built at Pinewood Studio’s, will feature an action scene incorporating about 5 people. There’s no word yet on exactly who they are (in terms of characters) but the people playing them are all trained stunt men.

    Almost without a doubt this scene will involve James Bond. Perhaps this is the scene where, as Pierce Brosnan revealed, Bond will get in a hot tub with Miranda Frost? Feel free to speculate away!

    And you can do so in this thread of the Die Anther Day (Bond 20) Forums.