1. Special Edition Corgi Lotus Espirit & New CD

    By daniel on 2002-03-26

    SpyGuise have two great new products for Bond fans to get their hands on. The first is great news!

    After the great success of the Special Edition Spy Guise / Corgi Aston Martin DB5 SpyGuise have just announced that Eon Production has just approved another exciting limited edition James Bond vehicle: the famous Lotus Esprit seen in The Spy Who Loved Me. This is the classic 1:36 Corgi vehicle which was initially released during the summer of 1977. The beautifully detailed Lotus has become a popular collectible for both Bond and Corgi car fans. However, this is the first time it has ever been released in this exciting commemorative packaging designed by acclaimed artist Jeff Marshall.

    It's definetley worth getting your hands on according to Spy Guise. Their limited edition Aston Martin DB5 recently sold for over US$400 in a British auction.

    The Special Edition Spy Guise / Corgi Lotus Espirit is retailing for only US$75.

    The other new item from SpyGuise is a music CD. Entitled James Bond & Beyond it features music by Mike Boldt. There are also some bonuses available with the CD, which retails for only US$15. So check it out here.