1. Two Unconfirmed Reports

    By David Winter on 2001-03-04

    We have two 100% unconfirmed reports for you to feast your eyes on right here and now.

    The first comes from Marie R who’s told us that American Movie Classics channel has run a documentry about three weeks ago mentioning future James Bond films.

    The producers [of the Bond series were interviewed and] said that Pierce has expressed a desire to stay in the role after his 4th film in
    2002. They want him to stay as long as he is willing to stay in the role, because as Michael G Wilson and Barbara Brocolli said “the audience adores him in the role. The audience does not want to see him replaced in the role for a long time. A lot of the audience think he is just starting to look the part, so after his 4th one would not be a good time to let him go. He
    actually wants to do 7 films in all to match Sean and Roger’s total. He will become the definitive Bond.”

    Again that is 100% unconfirmed. It’s being discussed in the forums here, if you’ve heard anything feel free to let us know.

    The second report comes from Renato G from Australia. He sends us this:

    A guy I know claims to have watched Pierce Brosnan interviewed on ET on Monday morning 19 Feb (Australian air time) and he let slip several words about Bond 20. He said, “…Bond will go back to it’s roots”. This creates more questions than answers. Does Brosnan mean a return to an Ian Fleming style thriller, or a return to the Connery 1960’s style, or a return to “Casino Royale”?. That novel is the roots of the character. Producer Wilson has discounted the possibility of filming it many times in the past. Could Brosnan’s star power create a change in policy?. Brosnan wants to keep developing 007 into a more meaty role ( a process started in TWINE). CR may not be as far fetched as it sounds.

    Renato’s speculation aside it seems an interesting report. If you’ve heard anything be sure to let us all know in the Bond 20 forums, or feel free to e-mail us.