1. Rumored Location And Plot Information

    By David Winter on 2002-03-23

    German TV Station; RTL have reported some infomation on "Die Another Day". The information reveals what RTL believe are locations from 'DAD' and also hints at plot information.

    It should be noted that none of this information has been confirmed.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Pinewood Studios, England

    Stage D – A secret underground canal system is being built which belongs to the Chinease secret service (this would have been where Wai Lin, would have fit in). Apparently, the canal system can be flooded using a high-tech system, which we currently have no details about.

    As we already know, the world-famous 007 stage, is currentley home to a huge Ice Palace, which will be destroyed by a Solaris Sattelite, a space station which is home to astronnauts. This is also being developed at Pinewood. It seem’s that most of the stages at 007’s traditional home, have been taken over by Lee Tamahori, and his crew.

    Heathrow Airport, England

    The world’s busiest airport will be used for filming sometime later in the year. No details on what will be shot there, are yet to arise. However its unlikeley that anything other than Bond catching a flight will be filmed.

    Hong Kong

    Vic Armstrong’s second/action unit will head out to Hong Kong to film some scenes in the famous Peninsula Hotel. A hotel suite is currently being built at Pinewood Studio’s, so it is likeley only exterior, and maybe reception and corridors scenes will be filmed. Also, scenes will be filmed around Hong Kong, which is to double for Myazaki/Japan.

    Cádiz, Spain

    Cádiz Castle, will double for a high-tech cuban hopsital. It will be here that a facial transformation operatin will take place. This builds up on earlier reports, of a facial transformation device, which is speculated to be used by Will Yun Lee’s character, Colonel Moon.

    Thanks to "Tim007" who tipped us off on the infomation, also reports that the infomation was published after the tv-station had talked with Pierce Brosnan, and producer; Michael G. Wilson.

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