1. "I Flew Off The Sled"

    By David Winter on 2002-03-23

    Dark Horizons's has published a set of four new photographs from filming in Iceland. The photo's include a picture of two Aston Martin Vanquish's (which will appear as one on screen). Other photo's include a picture of a jet-powered "Ice-Yaught". Normally ice yaught's are larger, and have sails, which can bring them to very high speed's. However the 007 crew have pushed the vehicle to its limits by fitting it with a jet engine. Being an ice yaught it's obvious that the vehicle will be used on the frozen lake, and not on snow as shown in the picture. This one has been nick-named "The Dragster".

    Stuntman; Valdimar Jóhannsson who worked with action-unit director Vic Armstrong on "Gangs Of New York", has reported to an Icelandic newspaper that he will be portraying a bad-guy, on a snowmobile, chasing Bond. After parachuting onto the ice, maybe from the Chinook sequence reported earlier, Bond thinks up a cunning plan to knock Jóhannsson from his snowmobile. Bond strings his parachute beween to Iceberg's, then, as Jóhannsson speeds towards him, he tightens the cables, and he is knocked from the snowmobile, still travelling at high speed. It remains unknown as to whether Bond will now hijack the snowmobile, or if he has something else intended.

    The newspaper also reports how the scene was filmed. Jóhannsson was wearing a specially made, strong vest, which was attached to a hard-wearing wire, and was attached to another object. When the stunt actor, had reached speeds of upto 50kmh, the wire, became fully extended, and he was pulled from the snowmobile.

    Valdimar Jóhannsson say's that it was a fun scene to film, it was well organised, and he wasn't hurt. He also said that; "I flew off the sled, going more than 2 meters in the air".

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