1. Brosnan Won't Rule Out Staying As Bond

    By daniel on 2001-01-24

    Ananova has reported that the saga over who will replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond has taken another twist, this time with the news that he hasn't ruled out doing more films.

    Speculation over who will take on the role after the next film has been increasing over the past few months. It was believed that Brosnan would call it a day after the next film, currently titled as Bond 20, which will be when his contract finishes.

    But according to the Chicago Sun-Times, sources close to Brosnan are saying he hasn't ruled out making up to three more Bond films after the one he's contracted to making.

    It had been reported Brosnan wanted US$20 million to do a fifth Bond film. But the paper claims sources close to the negotiations say that number is not even close to what he will be paid, should he and the producers agree on a further deal.