1. Pistache Returns by Sebastian Faulks due November 2010

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-24

    Ian Fleming centenary author Sebastian Faulks has a new story collection scheduled for release later this year: Pistache Returns.

    It was only days ago that reported that Faulks’ original Pistache collection (which features the comic story Ian Fleming Thinks Even James Bond Goes Shopping) would be getting a paperback reprint in the UK this June.

    Like the original, Pistache Returns promises more parodies and more pastiches. The blurb follows:

    Sebastian Faulks' 'Pistache Returns'

    Sebastian Faulks’ Pistache Returns

    A collection of fanciful, satirical and surprising parodies, squibs and pastiches inspired by The Write Stuff on BBC Radio 4.

    Pistache (pis-tash): a friendly spoof or parody of another’s work. [Deriv. uncertain. Possibly a cross between pastiche and p**stake.]

    From the writer of such brilliant parodies as Thomas Hardy’s football report and Dan Brown’s visit to the cash dispenser, comes another collection of witty pastiches.

    Pistache Returns will be published in hardback by Hutchinson and retail for £12.99. It is due for release on 4 November 2010 and can currently be pre-ordered from

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