1. Brosnan Talks Bond 20 – Updated

    By David Winter on 2001-03-18

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    Pierce Brosnan has spoken with Cindy Pearlman, who writes Cin City on Cinescape. Though a seemingly ‘general’ chat quite a few issues were raised, including Bond 20!

    Though not offering any plot hints Brosnan has released some points, more from his own point of view:

    “I want this next Bond to be the most surprising and realistic of any I’ve done,” he says.

    Will Brosnan spill the beans about Bond’s next
    mission? Are you kidding? But he will say he plans to up the action ante again.

    Of course Brosnan has also given his usual comment about the larger gap between Bond 19 & 20.

    “If the studio had its way, we’d be churning them out
    every 18 months. I think it’s wiser to have much
    larger gaps between them,” Brosnan says. “It’s a
    taxing movie, and you need to rest up between

    As for when filming will actually begin? Well all that can be gathered from this article is “soon”.

    Brosnan has also recently spoken with FilmReview UK (though they’ve
    now taken the news down I think cause I can’t find
    their old news) he dropped this great comment: “We
    finally have a script now, so we’ll be forging ahead
    with the next film”

    So where does this leave Bond 20? Well we know there is a script. However, filming won’t begin till after the upcoming Actors Strike, which from memory takes place in June. So until then, perhaps quite a few sets will be built! Let’s see what we can find out!

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    I (Blue Eyes) just found this further quote that TeleText didn’t print:

    “So we’ll be forging ahead with the next film. I’m on record as saying that I want this next Bond to be the most surprising and realistic of any I’ve done. I don’t know why that frightens the studio and the producers so much.”

    We’ve seem some of that quote, but the last part is interesting. I wonder just ‘how’ realistic Brosnan wants it. Maybe as sexually realistic as The Thomas Crown Affair or perhaps more violence and blood? Please discuss that one in the forums! For the full article on this (very short, we have more here) visit this link.