1. Second Unit Film Crews Still Remain In Iceland

    By daniel on 2002-03-20

    Despite reports that filming by the Second Unit in Iceland has concluded I've just learnt that filming has not wrapped up altogether. A small crew are currently in Svalbard in Norway. Svalbard is an island which lies between the North Pole and mainland Norway. There area is most famous for it's amazing view of the Northern Lights and, as it is so close to Artic polar cap, its snow-covered April landscape bathed in the midnight sun.

    Exactly where the film crew will travel in the expanse is unknown. What is know is the fact that a 12 person crew has travelled to Svalbard comprising of crew working on the film full time and crew from Jason Roberts Productions. Filming is expected to last only five days, however, this figure depends on weather conditions.

    Personally I hope the crew are there to capture some magnificent night shots of the Northern Lights for Die Another Day. Reportedly film crews were recently filming a Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) love scene in one of Iceland’s hot springs. Hopefully footage of the Northern Lights will be intercut to make such a scene one of the most exotic and memorable in the 40 years of James Bond.

    The Northern Lights do, however, give way to the 'Midnight Sun' by April so hopefully film crews wills till have time to capture such an amazing occurance.

    Thanks to Jonas (who tells me he is still disappointed over the fact that no filming will take place in Norway) for the news!