1. The Sun stirs up 3D rumours for Bond 23

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-12

    With the news feed and rumour mill beginning to kick into gear for Bond 23, The Sun has chimed in with their own exclusive of sorts for the forthcoming James Bond film.

    According to the paper—which can always be counted upon for some of the rather outlandish rumours and reports when it comes to 007—Bond 23 is being lined up as a 3D picture.

    A source for the paper stated: ‘The 23rd Bond movie has been put back a few months and that has given them the time to prepare to film it in 3D. Everyone involved in the project is really excited because it will take the franchise in a new direction.’

    While the actual chances of this happening are an entirely different matter, it is still fun to sit back and wonder about the possibilities.

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