1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay (10)

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-11

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 10: Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay

    1 – Contact M Via Comm Link
    2 – Rescue Wai Lin
    3 – Find Missile Panel
    4 – Stop Missile Launch
    5 – Defeat Carver

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    One final mission to go… Starting this mission off, fire at the barrels to collect a Med Kit and then tak the door to the left. Take out the guard just beyond this door and then take a left after moving through the hallway. You’ll soon encounter another a few more guards until you finally reach the Comm room at the end of this section. Head in and eliminate the guard posted here before pressing CIRCLE at the console to contact M and learn of Wai Lin’s capture. Objective 1 complete.

    After this is done, head back into the hallway, eliminating the newly arrived guards and collecting an office key from one of them. Take the first right which takes you to a conference room. Around the corner is another room with a guard there as well as a Med Kit, some armor and a key—grab all of these and then head back out into the hallway. Head all the way to the beginning room (watch out for guards along the way). Once you arrive back, this time head through the other door and follow along the hallway, eliminating all who cross your path. Proceed through the door at the end and then through one more, stocking up on supplies.

    Through an additional door and this time take a right. Past some crates in front of you awaits Mr. Stamper, Elliot Carver’s top henchman. He is armed with a GL 40 Grenade Launcher, but relatively easy to deal with as you as you dodge the shots coming at you. Use the cover provided and you shouldn’t have too much trouble at all. Once he is eliminated, head over to where he was and grab the Med Kits, his GL 40 and the cell key.

    Take the door at the other side of the room and press CIRCLE at the cellblock to free Wai Lin. Objective 2 complete. Be sure to shoot at the barrels in the next cell to collect a golden 007 logo after you have freed Wai Lin.

    Exit the cellblock area and take out the new guards that have appeared in the hallway. Take the door marked Exit and then another door that leads back to the starting room of the mission. Take the other door here and proceed through the hallway untl you reach a door marked MCON 22-D. Proceed through, eliminating enemies until you reach the large missile room. Take out all of the guards posted on all levels of this room. Once they are out of the way, head to the lower level and press CIRCLE at the computer console. Objective 3 complete.

    While dodging the attacking guards, head through the glass doors until you reach a control room to pick up the missile room key. Grab it, eliminating the guard here, and then head back to the missile area. Take a door to your left and proceed through the room with several crates. At the end of this area awaits Carver for the final boss battle…

    Dealing with Carver is actually not all that difficult as long as you have the GL 40 ready to go. A few direct hits to the media mogul with this powerful weapon and he should be out of the way in this time. Just be sure to use the crates for cover if necessary and aim carefully. Objective 5 complete.

    Once you have taken out Carver, you are tasked with deactivating the missile in under three minutes. Grab the missile panel key from where Carver was situated and then quickly head back to the missile area and approach the missile panel on the lowest level. Press CIRCLE while at the panel to deactivate the launch. Once this is done, make your way back to the starting room, being careful of the numerous guards you’re likely to encounter along the way. When they are all out of the way, press CIRCLE at the ladder to climb it and escape the ship. Objective 4 complete.


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