1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – Market District, Saigon (9)

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-09

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 9: Market District, Saigon

    1 – Acquire RL 66 Rocket Launcher
    2 – Destroy Barricades
    3 – Defeat Helicopter
    4 – Decode Data Disk
    5 – Minimize Civilian Casualties

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    As a general note, one of this mission’s objectives is to minimize civilian casualties, so keep that in mind as you proceed through the level.

    You complete this mission as James Bond’s ally, Wai Lin, so start off by heading forward and eliminating the first guard before heading through the door straight ahead. Take out the two guards inside and then proceed through the door on the other side. Eliminate the guard towards your left and then move down the street to your right. You’ll eventually see a short stairway, which you must head up (watch out for a guard posted near the top here). Stock up on armor in the sectioned off areas here and take out the few spare enemies. Head around the corner and then eliminate the guard on your way down the stairway. Head through the doorway ahead of you and proceed through the hallway, taking out guards as you go.

    Pass through the bar area, grabbing the Med Kit, and head out through the door to the streets. Turn right up ahead and proceed through the door ahead. Down the stairs to grab the gold 007 logo and then back up. Backtrack to when you took your right turn and this time head left. At the end of the street, proceed through the unlocked door and then head up the stairs.

    When you arrive on the rooftop, you’ll encounter several enemies, including one boss armed with an RL 66 Rocket Launcher. Take out the easier henchmen first and then concentrate on the boss. The trick is to constantly run around the raised platform in the middle, firing at him when you get the chance, while simultaneously dodging the blasts from his weapon. Keep doing this a few times to win the battle. Objective 1 complete.

    After this fight is over, head through the other door and take the stairs down. Once you emerge on the street again, move around the bend and use the nearby doorway as cover while you take out a barricade with a gun turret which is firing at you. Do this again around the next corner.

    Keep moving forward until you come across a pair of doors—head through them and the room, out the other side to emerge back out on the streets. Turn right and take out another barricade. Objective 2 complete. When all the enemies in this area are eliminated, proceed around the corner (watch out for snipers posted here) and then head right up ahead. You arrive at seemingly a dead end, but use the rocket launcher on the discolored part of the wall to reveal a hidden set of stairs leading up.

    Go up the stairs and along the ledge, taking out posted guards in the area below. After you’ve stocked up on armor, backtrack to when you took the right to get to the dead end and then proceed along the other path. You’ll eventually end up in an open courtyard with a helicopter flying above. Once you’ve eliminated all of the guards in this area, you can focus on the helicopter. While you can quickly lose a great deal of your health during this battle, the idea is to fire back with your RL 66 as quickly as possible. Objective 3 complete.

    With the helicopter out of the way, head through the wooden gate and then towards the left. Take out both guards at the next courtyard and then head through a tunnel at the other side. You’ll soon reach a computer, where you must decode a data disk (this is an easy sequence to complete). Objectives 4 and 5 complete.


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