1. HMS Fearless To Be Decommissioned

    By daniel on 2002-03-18

    The BBC has reported that HMS Fearless is to be decommissioned.

    HMS Fearless

    HMS Fearless appear in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me making her popular amongst Bond fans. Originally the Royal Navy had planned a £2 million refit of HMS Fearless, however, in the end cost cutting won through. As a result HMS Fearless is returning to Portsmouth to be decommissioned.

    She was completed in 1965 at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast and is the only steam-powered vessel in the fleet. Due to be decommissioned as early as the 1980's it was the Falkland War that saved her and she became an integral part of the British Fleet invovled in the war.

    While the HMS Fearless will be decomissioned she will forever live on in the medium of film thanks to the efforts of Cubby Broccoli and all the crew of The Spy Who Loved Me.

    Thanks to John for letting us know.