1. Explosive 'DAD' Dialogue Revealed

    By daniel on 2002-03-18

    To begin with Oh My God. Now I've got that out of the way, I want to say it again. But I shant bore you. Rather I'll get on with it.

    Could Die Another Day get much better? 60 Minutes have just finished an interview with Dame Judi Dench, who plays M in the recent James Bond films, and showed actual footage from Die Another Day. What's more it has some explosive dialogue. To continue, highlight to read!

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    This scene takes place in the British Underground (underground railway network). I’ve been made aware that scenes were being filmed (the sets had been built at Pinewood) and I’m told that some part of this scene invovles a hidden base, belonging to MI6, which can only be access from a secret door somewhere in the tube. Those details are, however, sketchy at best.

    What is more important is the dialogue in this scene, which takes place between M and Bond.

    Bond: “You burn me…now you want my help.”

    M: “You didn’t expect an apology”.

    Could die another day get more explosive?? ‘MacGyver’ describes the scene like this:

    A short scene with Judi and Brosnan in a subway terminal. 007 looked like 007 in a suit, tie, and jacket….no visible scars, etc. like we make expect from his capture/torture. He was talking to M. He circled M slowly saying “You burned me, and now you need my help.” looking into her eyes all the time. Another quick shot showed them walking through another subway tunnel, no dialogue.

    So what do I think about the scene? Definetley a reference to Bond’s capture in Korea. You may remember speculation that his presence was alerted to Colonel Moon thanks to NSA Agent Damian Falco? Well, while that is still speculation, it seems certain that M was aware of Bond’s imminent capture and allowed it to happen.

    Also it the dialogue suggests that Bond may not return to MI6 after his release from North Korea.

    Die Another Day is going to be huge!! A big thanks to 'MacGyver', Frank, 'Zencat' and 'bondizback' for letting us know about the footage.

    If anyone happened to tape the footage and could pass it on to me, please e-mail me at [email protected] I'd be most appreciative!

    And no doubt you want to discuss this now? Please visit this thread of the Die Another Day (Bond 20) Forums! See you there!


    'Beamer' has sent us in further details of the 60 Minutes report. Interestingly, 'Beamer' has a slightly different twist on the dialogue;

    Beamer here. Just got finished watching the news program “60 Minutes”, which airs in the United States, and they had a 20 minute segment on Dame Judi Dench. They showed about 30 seconds of behind-the-scenes footage on DIE ANOTHER DAY. This footage showed the London Subway set at Pinewood, which
    had been rumored as a set a few months ago. Pierce as Bond, dressed in his Brioni clothing, meets Judi as M in the subway set. Here’s the dialogue exchanged between the two:

    BOND: You burned me. And now you want my head.

    M: Did you expect an apology?

    The footage went on to show the two of them walking and talking through the subway station. Lee Tamahori was behind the camera directing them.

    It’s interesting to note that Beamer took the dialogue as “you want my head” rather than “you want my help”. Personally, I can see “you want my help” as the more correct, but we’ll see which way it falls!

    On another note Beamer has told us this of the rest of the report.

    The interview went on to show journalist Ed Bradley asking Dench these questions about Bond:

    ED BRADLEY: The Bond films. Why do them?

    JUDI DENCH: Well. Wouldn’t you want a huge following of dumbstruck 11-year-old boys following you about?

    ED BRADLEY: But given your stage experience, you didn’t look down upon it?

    JUDI DENCH: Oh, I wouldn’t dream of doing that. I wouldn’t look down on anything.

    Again if anyone can pass on the interview in any audio or visual form please contact me, [email protected]

    Thanks to 'Beamer' for sending in those further details!

    Updated (Again!):
    'Beamer' has just written back into us after rewatching the footage. He concedes the word is 'help' and not 'head' as he had first though.

    Also Absolutely James Bond have reported the dialogue with the following actions Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Bond circles M slowly and gives her an angry glare. Bond: “You burned me, and now you want my help.” M: “You didn’t expect an apology, did you?” They exchange angry glances and walk away in opposite directions.. The two descriptions of physical actions really help set a context for the scene!

    Here's hoping that we can get a copy of the scene online sometime soon! Again if you think you can help, please e-mail me [email protected]