1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – CMGN Tower, Saigon (8)

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-07

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 8: CMGN Tower, Saigon

    1 – Activate Roof Elevator
    2 – Go Down Two Floors
    3 – Destroy Weapons Crates
    4 – Retrieve Data Disk
    5 – Escape From Building

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    As a general note, this level contains a fair amount of enemies, so depending on your level of expertise, slow and steady may be the best course of action…

    As soon as you begin the mission, turn around and quickly eliminate the two guards positioned off to one side. Once they are out of the way, grab the Med Kits and gear and then take out the guard atop the ramp with your assault rifle in sniper mode. Head up and then take out the enemies just around the corner in the same fashion. Head further up the ramp, eliminating the guard on your left, until you reach a large metal crate—take out the unwary sniper here too.

    Head down the other ramp and then take a right. After continuing along this path, you’ll eventually come to a Med Kit and key lying on the ground—grab these and proceed towards the other path at the bottom of the ramp. You’ll eventually make your way to an elevator box on the wall, for which you must press CIRCLE to activate the elevator. Objective 1 complete.

    Head back to the elevator and press the button to descend one floor. Once you arrive, take a left (if you prefer, you can go forward first instead) and eliminate the enemies ahead of you. You’ll soon make your way to a weapons storage room, so gear up and then head back towards the main hallway. Take out what guards you encounter and be sure to grab the gold 007 logo lying in your path.

    Proceed through the doorway to your left and take out the two guards in the media room. Head towards the part of the wall where a stereo system is and press CIRCLE to push it out of the way and reveal a hidden area. Eliminate the guard in here and grab the elevator card. Then back to the elevator to drop down one more floor. Objective 2 complete.

    Eliminate the two guards outside the elevator. After the cut-sequence that follows, exit via the door in the new room you’re placed in. Continue along the hallway, taking out approaching guards. At the end is an opened door to a room containing the weapons crates you must fire at to destroy. Objective 3 complete.

    Pass through another hallway and into a computer room, take out the guards posted here and then proceed forward to the next room where you pick up a data disk. Objective 4 complete.

    Head back to the first computer room and then over to the area with a window. Shoot out the window to escape. Objective 5 complete.


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