1. CMGN Is Here!

    By David Winter on 2002-03-17

    The all new CBN site, CMGN || COMMANDERBOND.NET MEDIA GAMES NETWORK is now here – and you never even knew it was coming!

    Due to the large amounts of mixed fan media CBN was receiving, we decided to create a site soley to promote Bond fan's, worldwide.

    The importance of the fan community is immense for us. And we hope you'll use CMGN to express your creative talents, and contribute to the world of Bond. With the help of CMGN it will be possible to create almost anything you could imagine.

    To start the site off, we've uploaded all of the fan media we've had sent to us over the last two months, plus two new games ‘SPECTRE recruit’ and ‘Bond Girl's Memory Game’.

    For now though, be sure to start posting in the forums, we'll see you in there!

    Have fun!

    Dave Winter & Rory Couper