1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – Ski Ridge, Hokkaido (7)

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-06

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 7: Ski Ridge, Hokkaido

    1 – Infiltrate Camp On Skis
    2 – Disable Security System
    3 – Obtain Security Pass
    4 – Eliminate Isagura

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    You begin this mission skiing downhill. While there are numerous recommendations that can be made on precisely how to complete this first section of the mission, the key thing is to constantly be moving as quickly as possible in order to avoid enemy confrontations. Be especially careful of the numerous obstacles such as trees and boulders (you’ll want to weave in and out of these to evade your attackers) as well as the different points where you can accidentally ski off the cliffside.

    As you proceed forward, veer left towards the wooded area and continue along. There are various Med Kits lying along your path, so grab the easy ones and keep moving. You’ll eventually head through a tunnel and then make a jump at the end of it. Further on, head to the right of the trees positioned ahead to avoid falling off the cliff. After a split in the path ahead, you’ll eventually reach a wooden archway, which marks an end to the skiing portion of this level. Objective 1 complete.

    From your position by the large boulder, head towards the guard building, taking out the patrolling guard and others that eventually appear from around the building. Once they are all eliminated, head inside and load up on the armor and ammunition located inside. Exit the building, take out any guards that may have shown up and then grab the gold 007 logo lying beside the nearby truck.

    Enter the second nearby building after eliminating the nearby enemies and press CIRCLE at the computer to disable the security system. Objective 2 complete.

    Exit the building and make your way to the locked gate on which you must use your fingerprint scanner. Using the crates as cover, take out the patrolling guards in this new area and then head up the large tower to collect a security pass. Objective 3 complete.

    Head back down the tower and over to the partially snow-covered building. Head inside and down the hallway to prepare for the final boss fight of the mission—Isagura. Dealing with this enemy requires a fair amount of patience, accuracy and evasiveness. Watch out for the gas bombs he throws at you in addition to the gunfire. The trick is to use the two pillars in the room as cover for brief moments, while firing at him in short, succinct bursts. Eventually he’ll be taken down and a secret passageway will open, allowing you to complete the mission. Objective 4 complete.


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