1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – Convoy, Swiss Alps (6)

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-05

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 6: Convoy, Swiss Alps

    1 – Rendezvous With Q
    2 – Destroy Terrorist Convoy

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    Start the mission off by grabbing the heavy armor located to your left and then use the sniper rife to take out an enemy located ahead a bit on your side of the road. Then head to the other side of the road and head up the hill to eliminate another enemy waiting here. Using the trees for cover, aim over at the other side of the road and take out the two guards positioned there. Carefully move forward and take out the final guard positioned by a series of roadblocks and then move towards the building past the roadblocks to rendezvous with Q. Objective 1 complete.

    After Q leaves you with BMW the second half of the mission commences, this time with you behind the wheel. You have to destroy the eight convoy vehicles before they reach the tunnel ahead to escape. You shouldn’t find this section of the mission too difficult to deal with: just concentrate on avoiding the mines the enemy vehicles drop to try and trip you up.

    Once the eighth and final vehicle is destroyed, you win the mission. Objective 2 complete.


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