1. George Lazenby returns to Dave White Presents radio show

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-01-03

    Dave White Presents opens the New Year with a look back, reprising two of the most popular interviews we’ve featured so far—with a difference.

    When DWP debuted in Aug. 2008, many of our interviews were broken up into parts and broadcast over several shows. Without question, the most popular was Wes Britton’s lengthy conversation with former 007 George Lazenby, which first aired on our Dec. 24, 2008 and Jan. 7, 2009 broadcasts. As a New Year’s gift to all our fans, and Bond lovers in particular, our Jan. 5, 2010 show will include that interview in its hour plus entirety from beginning to end. If you missed it the first time around, or would like to hear the conversation without interruption, here’s your chance to hear George’s memories in one go—and listening to George telling his story adds dimensions to the saga not always quite so poignant in printed versions of how On Her Majesty’s Secret Service came to be.

    But that’s not all—Dave picked out one of his very favorite interviews, that with film producer Mark Cushman that was first heard on our 15 October and 29 October 2008 shows. In it, Mark discussed his ‘mock-umentary,’ Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney, in which a Beatle fan is followed around chronicling her quest to follow up on a ’60s comic offer by Sir Paul to marry her. The behind-the-scenes story of how this parody of reality television came to be is as entertaining as the cult classic DVD itself! And now, for the first time, the full story is brought together in one broadcast for your post-holiday enjoyment.

    This special edition of ‘Dave White Presents’ will debut Tuesday, 5 January at 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time, 10:30 EST, over

    On Wednesday, 6 January, the show will be available for 24/7 download at

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