1. Tomorrow Never Dies Game Walkthrough – Carver Media, Hamburg (3)

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-12-30

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to the 1999 James Bond video game, Tomorrow Never Dies from Electronic Arts.

    This Tomorrow Never Dies walkthrough is applicable for the Playstation platform for both Agent and 007 difficulty settings.

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

    Mission 3: Carver Media, Hamburg

    1 – Rendezvous With Paris
    2 – Cut The Power
    3 – Destroy Central Computer
    4 – Escape

    'Tomorrow Never Dies' Video Game

    Proceed carefully down the stairs and take out the unsuspecting guard posted at the bottom. Then quickly head back up and eliminate the approaching guards as they ascend the staircase.

    Once they are out of the way, head back down and enter a room with a table in the center, watching out for enemies along the way. Grab the door remote and the armor inside and then head over to the panel to open the doors (press CIRCLE). As you look outside the doorway you just opened, you’ll notice a guard situated beyond a glass panel. Fire away to shoot out the glass and take out this enemy—then quickly back up into the room so you can deal with any guards that are alerted to your position.

    After this set of enemies is out of the way, make your way into that glass paneled room which has holds the central computer. Take out the patrolling guard and then destroy the computer with whichever weapon you currently have equipped. Objective 3 complete.

    Head down the nearby hallway and proceed through the unlocked room, taking out the guard posted inside and grabbing the elevator card which is sitting on top of a few crates inside. Exit and then make your way back to the elevator, pressing CIRCLE at the panel to get on.

    Once you arrive upstairs, snipe out the enemies in the room just past the first corner. Once they are all eliminated, head inside to grab the Med Kits. Make your way down the hallway with Elliot Carver’s face on the walls and you’ll soon end up in a media room where Paris Carver awaits. Objective 1 complete.

    After this sequence, you’ll find yourself in an interrogation room with your weapons removed. Use your Cufflinks on the mirror to shatter it and reveal a new room to enter. Quickly head inside, grab the PK7 and immediately take out the attacking guard. Once he is taken out, grab door remote and Med Kit from the new room, all the while keeping a careful eye on the door for any enemies who approach. When you get a free second, head over to the power console station and press CIRCLE to cut the power to Carver’s building and broadcast. Objective 2 complete.

    Exit through the door the guards were entering and eventually make your way back to the room where you first grabbed the elevator card. Take out the guard here and pick up the gold 007 life icon on the ground.

    Head back to the room with the central computer and press CIRCLE at the overhead doors. Quickly take cover as this will allow several enemies to advance your position. Once you have taken all of them out, proceed forward and head back up to the same area where you began the mission. Go through the door to complete the level. Objective 4 complete.


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