1. Official Site Updates With News And Views From Iceland

    By daniel on 2002-03-14

    The official James Bond site have today updated with news on filming in Iceland, which appears to be everyones favourite topic right now bar the recent announcement of the title Die Another Day.

    The main details revealed in the report is that the car chase which takes place on the ice involves Bond and Zao. It had been previously thought that Bond was actually going to be chased by Gustav Graves. This fact, however, raises an interesting notion. Possible Spoiler (Highlight To Read) Why exactly is Zao now working for Gustav Graves when originally he worked for Colonel Moon? Could this perhaps have something to do with the long rumoured facial mutation device?

    Also revealed is exactly what Bond is doing in Iceland. Gustav Graves has his Ice Palace there and Bond has managed to wrangle an invitation to the palace, of course he takes is Aston Martin Vanquish along with him.

    The report also details some of the technical aspects of filming in such a freezing location, around minus 10 degrees Celsius (14F), and comes with some great pictures. So check it out!

    On a similair note, Yahoo Movies have also published this image of filming in Iceland. Very cool! Thanks to Tim for letting us know.