1. Must See: Some Very Cool Pictures From Holywell Bay

    By daniel on 2002-03-14

    BWP Media, providers of photographic content to international sources, have got some very cool pictures from Holywell Bay filming of Die Another Day. There are sixteen images in all so do visit their site and then click "Click here for more exlusive stills from the filming of Bond 20!".

    CommanderBond.Net can show you these six images. A note to other webmasters, all of these images are copyrighted and BWP Media does say NO REPRODUCTION OF THESE IMAGES IN ANY FORM IS ALLOWED so please note this carefully.

    North Korean Soldiers Patrol Colonel Moon's Beach

    North Korean Soldier Takes Aim

    Crew Filming A 'Die Another Day' Scene

    A Boat Coming To Shore, But With What Intentions?

    Just Outside Colonel Moon's Base

    Another Shot Of One Of Colonel Moon's Buildings

    There are all the images you'll get on CommanderBond.Net so be sure to check out BWP Media for the rest of the great shots!